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5 reasons why you should consider using Microsoft Office 365

Ever since the first Microsoft office applications became available, people have been buying the software either as a part of a package that comes with their computer or by paying for it separately.

Recently, the advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing has changed how software developers offer their products. No more so than in the case of Microsoft’s Office 365. Users now have instant access to common Office applications without the need to invest or install the complete software package.

Microsoft Office 365 is quite simply a subscription service. This service offers the standard applications that all users are familiar with such as: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The question remains, is it right for you? With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 5 key reasons why you should consider using Office 365.

The top 5 reasons for using Microsoft Office 365

1. Office on Demand

Arguably the key benefit is the Office on Demand feature. Here, you get instant access to a package which includes: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher.

You merely have to sign in to your Sky Drive account and select the Office on Demand option. There is no complex setup, which makes it far more easily accessible, especially to the less computer literate and users who don’t wish to spend ages downloading software.

2.       Lower upfront and on-going costs

The relatively high cost of purchasing Office 2013 makes it an expensive outlay especially if you only use a small fraction of the services in the package.

This flexible and scalable subscription service, complete with online management, you never have to pay for software you don’t need. Furthermore, if you already have a version of Office 2013 installed, you can add Office 365 at a reduced fee.

3.        Reduced reliance on servers

Thanks to SkyDrive storage combined with the option of hosting exchange servers, Office 365 greatly reduces your server requirement.

While many organisations will most likely wish to continue to host many mission-critical documents in-house, Office 365 still greatly reduces the overall investment for the smaller business.

Furthermore, the need for fewer servers reduces costs as there are less maintenance and licensing requirements. Office 365 comes complete with integral spam and malware protection, so there’s no need for additional third party service providers.

4.       Multiple licences

One of the most welcome advances was when Microsoft announced that they would allow licences to be moved between devices, with each license covering up to five different devices.

As a direct result, it connects remote working,increases collaboration and enables you to have greater control over the increasingly popular trend of ‘Bring Your Own Devices’ (BYOD).

Another advantage is with respect to mobile apps as Office 365 offers apps with interfaces that mimic the standard desktop application, making the transition to working on smartphones and tablets far easier.

5.       Cloud storage

With Microsoft Office 365 you automatically receive a huge 25GB of cloud storage through the SkyDrive online platform.

SkyDrive can be synced to desktop machines ensuring that you always have a copy of documents in both places simultaneously, an especially welcome feature for people who work in multiple locations or while on the move.

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Microsoft Office 365 is a great productivity tool which is especially suited for people that are flexible with working locations and those that want to increase collaboration. Furthermore they suit smaller outfits and start-ups which currently don’t have servers or organised central storage, Office 365 offers an accessible solution for all users.

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