Managed IT services with their flexible payment plans are becomming increasing popular solutions for small business IT service requirements

IT (Information Technology) services are aspects of web technology and any other electronic information system that transmits information, for example telephones and televisions. IT services cover computer systems and their software, programming where necessary and the management of data that is received and transmitted between devices. Since the development of computer systems in the 1940s modern IT services are primarily concerned with the establishment and maintenance of electronic communication systems. The term itself was created in the 1950’s to refer to the creation and development of computer systems. However it can be considered that the earliest IT service was teaching people to write. This started in Mesopotamia in about 3000 BC.

With regards to computer systems IT services can be defined as software development, hardware, network integration, information security, mobile services and web appliations. Advancements in software development has always been closely associated with the creation of new computer systems. IT services such as network creation and the deployment of network servers to small businesses are currently growth areas for the IT services industry.

The benefits that managed IT services bring to the workplace are numerous. Outsourcing IT services can reduce the immediate cost of setting up an IT infrastructure. Also managed IT service providers are in competition with each other. This competition between IT service providers generates a market where provided IT services are constantly upgraded. One of the key productivity benefits is that IT support staff can work remotely (even from home) with complete access to all the data and applications that are used within the businesses IT infrastructure.

Windows 10 Upgrade - Tamworth, Birmingham and the West MIdlands

9 days left to claim your free Windows 10 upgrade

By now, you have probably had dozens of reminders and notifications, badgering you to upgrade your machine to Windows 10. It can often be daunting upgrading to a new platform as there are many questions up in the air. Read More About Our Server Services

Laptop Performance

Utilising maintenance to improve laptop performance

laAnnual servicing of your computer is important to maintain optimum performance. During a service we undertake both a physical and a software clean up of your computer to assist it to run smoothly and reliably. If your computer is starting to show signs of slowing down there are a few tools and methods you can use to improve the performance of your PC. For example, running virus scans, removing spyware/adware and clearing up hard disk space.  Read More About Our Server Services

Optimise Remote Working

Optimise remote working to improve performance

Optimise Remote working

In recent years work life has become more flexible with more staff choosing to work from home rather than make the commute to the office each day. Although it may not work for those that lack motivation and prefer the routine of daily life in the office, remote working is an appetising concept for the business man or woman. But is it for you and how can you optimise remote working? Read More About Our Server Services

Office 365

Using Office 365

If you work in an office environment, you probably require shared documents between your colleagues. Although it sounds easy enough this can be quite troublesome. One way some choose to do it is through their server. This works well until you’re on the go and need to access or edit a file quickly. You may need to share a document remotely or from different devices so that rules out an easy alternative such as using an external hard drive which of course leads to multiple copies of the same document. The next easiest solution to this, is Office 365. Read More About Our Server Services

Can Open Source Software Save You Money: Ubuntu LInux and Open Document vs Microsoft Office 365. Computer Viruses. IT Support Company

5 reasons why you should consider using Microsoft Office 365

Ever since the first Microsoft office applications became available, people have been buying the software either as a part of a package that comes with their computer or by paying for it separately.

Recently, the advent of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing has changed how software developers offer their products. No more so than in the case of Microsoft’s Office 365. Users now have instant access to common Office applications without the need to invest or install the complete software package.

Microsoft Office 365 is quite simply a subscription service. This service offers the standard applications that all users are familiar with such as: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The question remains, is it right for you? With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 5 key reasons why you should consider using Office 365.

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Can Open Source Software Save You Money: Ubuntu LInux and Open Document vs Microsoft Office 365. Computer Viruses. IT Support Company

Computer repair or replace?

Disaster strikes, that trusty laptop has stopped working, now what to do? You’ve seen all the TV advertisements with all latest all singing, all dancing laptops and you’re tempted, but would getting a computer repair make better economic sense?

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Computer Security - Beating the Bloggers and Hackers. Information technology services relating to Google and its web search

Make Time to Schedule Computer Maintenance

Do you remember taking that brand new computer out the box? Remember how fast it was, how clean and tidy its desktop looked? A few months/ years on, it may be starting to look tired and it’s probably time to schedule computer maintenance. Read More About Our Server Services

IT Services: Computer Maintenance & Data Recovery – Is It Time for a Spring Clean? Consider Computer Upgrades

IT Birmingham: Computer Upgrades – Is now the time?

Taking the decision to upgrade your computer system is always a difficult one. Most business owners are quite rightly focussed on whether or not an upgrade will be a valid business investment. At the other end of the scale, money that might have been better spent elsewhere. Even setting aside the current economic climate, computer upgrades can be a very tortuous process.

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Microsoft Surface, Google Chromebook – A Different Kind of Laptop With Windows 8

Microsoft Surface, a laptop replacement?

Recent development on Microsoft’s technology into the world of tablet computing is the release of the “Surface’. Looking at its slim form, and comparing it favourably to the more chunky looking laptops, we pose the question, “Is the Microsoft Surface (“the Surface”) a laptop alternative”? Read More About Our Server Services

Computer Security - Beating the Bloggers and Hackers. Information technology services relating to Google and its web search

Information Technology Services

In life there are some things that everyone else seems to understand to the extent that you feel rather foolish asking about them. We’re going to try to explain one of them, namely IT (Information Technology) services, so here we go. Read More About Our Server Services