Business IT Support - About Bean IT

Business IT Support in Birmingham, Tamworth & Staffordshire since 2000

Bean IT Ltd provide Business IT support services throughout Birmingham, Tamworth and Staffordshire. Built on the principles of providing an excellent and reliable service at affordable prices, Bean IT harnesses company founder Allan Bean’s 25 years of IT experience. This allows the business to continue to grow alongside that of it’s customers business support requirements.

We understand the one size fits all theory is no longer applicable in today’s busy world. Bean IT offer a tailored business orientated IT support and IT solution service.

Our diverse range of skills continue to grow by following market trends. Our constant market assessment results in our increase to the scope of our IT support services. We remain at the top of our game by consistently improving our support standards, and listening to you the customer. We are partnered with several trusted leading service providers who can provide our customers with additional services of excellent quality.

Why would I need Business IT Support?

With computers now being the backbone of even non IT specific businesses, the smooth uninterrupted running of the “back office” of any small business is essential. A little while ago a certain roadside recovery service advertised it’s self as “the fourth emergency service”. This is not a bad analogy of how many businesses view their IT support.

Whilst many businesses first encounter with a business IT support specialist may be due to an emergency situation, maybe for a laptop repair or data recovery, they soon tend to realise that preventing that “disaster” from happening in the first place is much better option. An IT business support specialist can, amongst many other things, remotely monitor your computer systems. This facility allows us to find the little problems that can grow very quickly into big problems without intervention.

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