Data Recovery can be from hard disk drives, solid state drives and usb flash drives. If your OS or computer stops working data recovery will still be possible.

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The importance of business back up in your day to day operations

If you mention back up for business use to anyone, or look it up on a search engine, you may be bombarded by a variety of different methods. If you’re a novice when it comes to cloud storage, or in fact any kind of backup storage then you’ve got a lot to learn. Whatever you decide, as long as you conduct a business back up of your files and you have a good understanding of why it’s so integral to your business, you’ve made the right move. Read more

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Data Recovery? Leave it to the Experts…

In a busy world, distractions are frequent and accidents inevitably happen. From accidentally deleting a file to a stolen mobile phone or laptop, have you prepared your data should the worst happen? It is important to have a back up in place should you experience data loss or theft. Bean IT’s data recovery service can help get you or your business up and running again in no time.

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