Since their creation in 1965 Emails are now sent regulary by 600 million Internet users Worldwide. Email has made the world a smaller place.

An email is an electronic message, similar to a letter that is sent from one machine to another. Email is an abbreviation of the phrase electronic mail. An email can be sent to an individual user or to multiple users as a broadcast. Email content is inputted with a text editor, after the email is sent it is stored in an electronic mailbox until it is collected by the recipient. Most ISP (Internet Service Providers) supply email addresses and gateways to allow for worldwide communication. Originally email was a text only (ASCII) communications. Nowadays email can feature attachments such as pictures, documents and videos.

Early email systems simply left a text document in a designated folder on the mainfarme computer. The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) created the first email program in 1965. It simply sent messages through a single mainframe. Email as we know it with a ‘@’ symbol was created by Ray Tomlinson an ARPANET engineer. He developed a system that could relay copies of messages between computer systems. In 1993 email systems became part of services offered by large ISPs. Delphi the creator of possibly the world’s first forum was one of these companies.

Emailing From Your Phone

Emailing from your phone

Does emailing from your phone seem like madness? Or is it second nature, something that you’ve been well aware of for some time? Emailing from your phone may not be something some of you are accustomed to. It is a quick and convenient way of keeping in touch with business clients when you’re away from the office. Read More About Our Server Services

Email Phishing - How To Avoid Getting Scammed? - Watch Out For SPAM Mail

Email phishing

What does “phishing” actually mean?

Phishing sounds like fishing because that’s what it is. The criminals send out an email as bait to lure you in and once you’re hooked they reel you in. Email phishing is a crime that’s difficult to stop. Those behind it are very clever and manage to evade detection through their use of sophisticated techniques.

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