Email, the sending of electronic messages via the web, is now an integral part of any business. Emailing allows businesses to communicate internally or with clients over vast distances.

In the background a user in a suit touching a phone screen. Overlaying this are multiple message related icons.

Emailing from your phone

Does emailing from your phone seem like madness? Or is it second nature, something that you’ve been well aware of for some time? Emailing from your phone may not be something some of you are accustomed to. It is a quick and convenient way of keeping in touch with business clients when you’re away from the office. Read more

The text phishing in the center of an image surrounded by binary sequences.

Email phishing

What does “phishing” actually mean?

Phishing sounds like fishing because that’s what it is. The criminals send out an email as bait to lure you in and once you’re hooked they reel you in. Email phishing is a crime that’s difficult to stop. Those behind it are very clever and manage to evade detection through their use of sophisticated techniques.

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