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Bean IT provides the full range of Internet requirements, from Internet Broadband connectivity, to Email, Websites, Hosted Servers, and Cloud computing.

We facilitate access to Remote Desktops, Remote Email, Off-site Data and Backup, VPN, and any other Internet based system.

Internet Services and Domain Registration

Is your business on the Internet? Current opinion is that any business not on the Internet now or in the near future is not only missing out on the rewards of this vibrant industry, but is adding itself to the list of “the forgotten”.

Websites and e-commerce sites

Marketing your business on the Internet is probably a lot easier and cheaper than you might think. Bean IT can assist you with setting up anything from a basic website to a full e-commerce website. We can provide you with your own domain and webspace so that your customers can find you easier: e.g.

E-commerce is a rapidly expanding market place with many businesses being 100% Internet based. A large percentage of businesses now have a significant portion of their revenues derived from their Internet based business activities.

Email Set Up Services

Email is now one of the primary means of communicating with anyone in business.

Bean IT can set up your email on your domain with as many email accounts as you may require: e.g.

Whilst it is easy to get a free email address, your email address can suggest how professional you are about your business. For example: does not suggest the same professionalism as

How do I maintain this method of communication when I’m away from my office?

Bean IT can assist you by setting up email access on your laptop, computer or your mobile phone. We can also provide you with access to your email from any computer connected to the Internet anywhere in the world.

Email is now the most commonly used method of business to business communication. Gone are the days documents would otherwise be sent through the relatively slow and costly postal system. Email is very cost effective, almost instantaneous, can convey any sort of information.

In the fast paced global business village, quick and easy access to your email can make the difference between landing that big deal, or losing it to your competition. Whilst you are away from your desk, email can be made available to you instantaneously on your mobile phone or laptop. Your emails can be accessible anywhere in the world via any Internet connected computer, so you need never miss a time sensitive or business critical message.

Bean IT offer advice on the best email solution for your business. We supply and configure bespoke email solutions to suit your tailored requirements.

Call Bean IT today on 0121 667 8977 or email for advice on computer systems for your business