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Bean IT’s data recovery services – because accidents happen!

With the best will in the world accidents do happen. At some point most of us have made the mistake of deleting that critical file. In some cases, someone has formatted an entire disk only to lose everything. Hard disk failure also results in data loss. A data loss could even be the result of hard disk failure. Fortunately Bean IT’s data recovery services take all the panic out of recovering lost data.

Bean IT will in the majority of cases be able to recover most if not all of your valuable data. This is because of their established data recovery methods. Bear in mind that successful data recovery is dependent on your actions. It is important that after a loss of data you do nothing further with your computer before calling a professional.

Act fast for successful data recovery

The more you try to fix it yourself, the less chance there is of Bean IT being able to recover your data! Successful data recovery relies on your swift action. Attempt to carry on using your computer and you risk overwriting that critical disk sector and losing your precious files forever. Contact Bean IT immediately upon discovering a loss of data.

Why would you need a data recovery service?

Your business data is the most important part of your computer system. The physical hardware, software and applications are of secondary importance. We’ll be able to replace these easily. Your business data is unique.

Loss of  business data is probably the biggest risk your business can face.

More often than not data loss is inadvertent and is probably the result of human error. However it can also be the result of hardware failure or the malicious actions of disgruntled employees, contractors or business rivals.

Back-up regularly to minimise data recovery needs

A well designed backup strategy will minimise the risk of major data loss. However even the best plans can fail or simply just get ignored. Sometimes data loss is simply the result of accidentally pressing the wrong button!

Seek professional assistance as soon as you discover what appears to be data loss. If you do this  there is a good  chance  that most, if not all of your data, can be recovered. If the data is business critical DO NOT attempt to recover it yourself. By attempting to recover the data yourself, there is a high probability that you will render your data unrecoverable.

Keep our number to hand, you never know when you will need data recovery services

If your business is based in Birmingham, Tamworth or Staffordshire Bean IT will be able to assess your data loss. Data recovery is usually performed in-house. In the most severe cases of data loss we will pass the recovery on to our trusted professional data recovery partners.

Call Bean IT today on 0121 667 8977 or email for advice on computer systems for your business