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Disaster Data Recovery: All is not lost!

What happens when things go wrong with your IT systems? In today’s increasingly technological environment, businesses rely more and more on IT and IT related services.

When any of your IT systems go wrong, the consequences to your business can be catastrophic!

You need help and you need it quickly. Having a professional IT organisation on hand to deal with any contingencies is vital to the continuity of your business.

Your business will often rely on the availability of your IT systems, so when the worst happens the effect on your business can be at best inconvenient or at worst catastrophic!

A disaster can be the result of something as simple as the deletion of a critical file or as serious as the building containing your business being destroyed in a fire. Many businesses never recover from the effects of a major disaster.

Disaster Recovery plan

When disaster strikes, you need to implement a well designed Disaster Recovery plan as soon as possible. The faster you can restore your data, the faster your business will be back running. With a suitable strategy in place, you can successfully avoid too much loss to your business.

These Disaster Recovery preparations need to be designed and active BEFORE a disaster occurs.  An effective off-site business data backup strategy is the most important component of a Disaster Recovery plan. Preparations on how to make your business data available to you as quickly and effectively as possible after a disaster are almost as important.

Bean IT will advise and assist you in setting up an efficient and effective Disaster Recovery strategy to minimise the effects on your business of anything from the loss of a single critical file right up to total loss of all IT hardware systems.

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