VoIP (Voice over IP) allows for an internet connection to be used as a telephone wire. VoIP can allow for free telephone calls and very competitive international rates.

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Using VOIP telephones to reduce telephony costs

It’s important in business to remain in communication, if you regularly find yourself using the telephone to call different offices then VoIP might be the perfect option to reduce costs for your organisation. This system is already widely used in businesses as it’s proven to be a great option with little to no disadvantages. We have created a quick video to tell you more about VoIP phones: Read more

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The ins and outs of VOIP

Voice Over IP

What is VoIP (Voice Over IP)? VoIP is a technology that enables one to telephone people via the internet rather than using a regular phone. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. The phone calls are relatively cheap and sometimes free. You can call people all over the world from your VoIP handset or PC and other people can call you using either VoIP or an ordinary telephone. Read more