Server maintenance by the network administrator can be remote or on site. Upgrades and automation are essential parts of server maintenance

Web server maintenance can involve the upgrade of the server’s software or hardware upgrades to meet with increases in storage and data transfer demands. Server side software is upgraded on a regular basis. The database structure usually MySQL or SQL, the scripting languages and even the server technology itself is upgraded by the manufacturers on a regular basis. The responsibility for server maintenance and upgrades falls into the hands of the network administrator.

Server maintenance is in many ways an automated procedure. However the smooth running of this server maintenance is down to how the server administrator configures the systems automation and understands the statistical feedback that is provided. Server maintenance involves the administrator checking server logs, hard disk space, file permissions and anti-virus and firewall settings. This server maintenance can be either on site or conducted remotely by the company that first established or installed the server. Good server maintenance that pre-empts changes in server demand or isolates known threats helps maintain the efficiency of IT infrastructure.

Remote server support

Utilising remote server support to optimise employee time and save money

Server support engineers do not always need to be in house/ on site. Most server support is possible by logging in to your computer remotely. Remote server support is when someone can login to your servers from a different location. Once logged in, they can perform various maintenance and administration tasks including housekeeping, troubleshooting, backups and much more. Read More About Our Server Services

Small Business Server Installation- Does Your Business Require One? - Don't Forget About Server Maintenance

Do Small Business Servers Increase Efficiency?

As a small business expands, it can often be difficult to make new technology available to all employees in all the relevant locations. This is when it’s good to start thinking about a small business server.

The installation of a small business server creates access to all company documents. This includes e-mail, calendars, images and documents stored in one, central location. All suitably authorised employees, once remotely connected to the system, can access the server remotely. This aids growth as employees can access files from their own computers wherever in the world they may be.

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