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Do Small Business Servers Increase Efficiency?

As a small business expands, it can often be difficult to make new technology available to all employees in all the relevant locations. This is when it’s good to start thinking about a small business server.

The installation of a small business server creates access to all company documents. This includes e-mail, calendars, images and documents stored in one, central location. All suitably authorised employees, once remotely connected to the system, can access the server remotely. This aids growth as employees can access files from their own computers wherever in the world they may be.

Employees working in distant locations can access their office computer as if they were sitting at their desks. This naturally eliminates relying on other co-workers to hunt down information for them.

A small-business server (when combined with cloud based technology) massively improves communication throughout the organisation. Businesses are able to reach out to more remote users and can start targeting improvements in productivity, profitability and efficiency across the board.

Long term growth

As your business grows, you are likely to become busier and start working away or, from home. A Small Business Server ensures all your documents are saved in the same place, making it easier to access remotely. To read more about accessing files remotely, see our previous blog here.

With that in mind, why not call Bean IT today on 01827 68613 and we’ll help you decide whether or not a new small business server could be advantageous to your business.