A computer user sat at a desk with one hand on a mouse another on the keyboard.

Computer Security – Beating the Blaggers and Hackers

How secure are your personal and business secrets and assets? According to the press, there are people who get paid thousands of pounds to hack computers and mobile phones. These hackers don’t mind if you’re a business or personal user, if you’ve got valuable information, they want it. Computer Security is therefore imperative to the survival of your business.

Aside from phone hacking and the use of computer viruses to intercept personal and private data, another method colloquially known as ‘blagging’ seems to involve a perpetrator posing as the customer on an untraceable mobile phone in order to gain access to their confidential bank details and other personal information. All highly illegal of course! So how do you protect yourself or your business from these intruders?

Staying safe

Confidential information such as bank statements must be filed securely and/or shredded. Ensure private and/or confidential data is disposed of securely. Be aware that the simplest way to can gain access to personal information is to simply ring you or your staff up and ask for it! If in any doubt, instruct your staff to call the business in question back on a previously verified number.

But of course when it comes to computer security, one of the most important aspects of running your small business server and keeping it safe is crucial.

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