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Centrally managed anti-virus products

We all have a reasonable understanding of what an antivirus product is and what it does. Few of us know what centrally managed anti-virus products are, and if this something to be considered as an alternative to downloadable retail programmes?

What is a centrally managed anti-virus product?

When you buy a PC for the first time, it will usually come with antivirus software on it. After about a month or so pre-installed software usually requires renewing or updating to provide regular protection. Not everyone is comfortable with this type of protection as it leaves too much onus on the end user especially if you are business employing more than one member of staff.

Lack of knowledge

Your staff may not know enough to ensure their PC is properly protected. When software updates are required, unless adequately trained, staff may be reluctant to carry out updates themselves. As our PCs are constantly under attack from potential malware it’s important that any business has adequate protection they can trust.

Some users therefore will choose to rely on a centrally managed product that offers the same amount of security. This offers secure antivirus protection for those who employ staff and run a business.


Centrally managed anti-virus products facilitate remote management with little to no user intervention required.

Businesses with several computers required one machine to be connected to the internet centrally managed anti-virus products requires only one server.

Centrally managed software can then be accessed offline from one central PC.

Centrally managed anti-virus products save time and can reduce traffic, making PCs faster. Individual users are no longer reminded to update their computer as this is done remotely and automatically.


There are some disadvantages to centrally managed anti-virus products, as there are with most products, as the antivirus product is on one computer. If this computer fails then antivirus updates will stop. Companies who have managed IT support company, receive notifications when their monitoring systems fail so they can remedy it.

High level security

Centrally managed anti-virus products do offer a high level of security and peace of mind for all sizes of businesses. It avoids each individual having to be responsible for their own antivirus protection. This in itself allows staff to get on with their work without the worry of attack from a virus.

Centrally managed anti-virus software products have become more and more sophisticated over the years and do offer good quality protection.

There are many reliable antivirus vendors that offer this type of protection and you may find it a difficult choice. Do your research and make sure you’ve thought it through and discussed it with an IT professional first. If you are running a business with more than one PC, centrally managed anti-virus products could be the solution. This solution offers a high level of protection and security that you can rely on.

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