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Data storage, backup and disaster recovery

Data and data storage is the core of your business. The consequences of total business data loss can at best be highly disruptive and at worst catastrophic.

Recent studies have shown that of businesses which suffer total data loss, 43% never open again, 80% of those that stay open fail within 13 months, and 54% of those that still stay open never fully recover.

It is vitally important that your data is stored safely and efficiently, and that a backup is stored securely off-site, as fire, theft and natural disasters can quite easily cause total loss of all on-site data. To read more on about data, you may be interested in our blog posts: Safe use of memory sticks and Data recovery? Leave it to the experts…

Regular testing

The backup should be tested regularly to ensure that data can be successfully restored from it. A corrupt backup can also result in total data loss.

Sometimes it can happen that data has not yet been backed up when disaster strikes. It is often possible to recover accidentally deleted data, or even to recover valuable data from a crashed hard disk.

Bean IT offer business IT support and can help you to prepare for possible disaster. We can also assist you to recover your valuable business data quickly and efficiently when disaster does strike.

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