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Computer support from Bean IT systems featuring “Virtual IT Director”

At Bean IT we have a wealth of business IT experience. We have the facilities in place to provide you all your IT services under one roof. From servers for small business to maintenance to internet and email we offer tailored solutions to best suit your needs. Bean IT understand that your IT systems are critical to your business success, therefore instant access to computer support is a priority. You have a business to run, so why not focus on your core business and let us maintain your office computers and network infrastructure.

Bean IT will deal with all of your IT related requirements. Our remote computer support services provide regular status reports on the health of your IT infrastructure. This crucial information allows us to remotely monitor your IT ‘health status’ and act accordingly if required.

Let’s face it, when you have a business to run the last thing that you want to do is worry about your IT systems! When things do go wrong, you will want the peace of mind that our computer support service provides. Knowing that that your systems will be up and running again in the shortest possible time gives you one less thing to worry about!

How great would it be if you received monthly reports on the status of your IT systems and advanced warnings of when your IT systems are in danger of going wrong? With computer support from Bean IT that’s exactly what you get. Our bespoke computer support isn’t just there to deal with disaster scenarios, it’s a pro-active process. This process identifies potential problems before they happen, allowing them to be fixed before they can do any harm.

More than just Computer Support

As well as great computer support you will also need expert business IT advice from time to time. Whether you are considering modifying or upgrading your IT systems to enhance your business operations, a tailored advice solution to your needs.

Our Internet based monitoring systems allow us to constantly monitor your computers. This software usually tells us when your IT systems are about to go wrong, in most cases before you do. Our systems enable us to assist you over the Internet to get your IT systems back to optimal performance. We can also perform most software operations remotely, entailing minimal disruption to your working day.

Call us today and to see how your business can benefit from Bean IT’s bespoke computer support.

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