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VOIP solutions for business

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enables you to telephone people using the internet rather than a regular phone line. These phones can telephone around the world and is a cheaper way of making calls, sometimes free. VOIP phones can be a headset, PC or ordinary telephone.

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VoIP for business: More than just making a phone call

VoIP has many benefits including:

Transfer calls between colleagues within the office as well as off site offices
Provided internet is strong, calls are transferrable to mobile phones
Caller ID, call waiting, return call and threeway calling available.
Your location does not need to be tied down to your area. You can be based in Birmingham and have a London phone number.
Voicemail available via the internet
If you’re not always in the office, another company can answer your calls on your behalf, as long as they have an internet connection
No longer tied to one location as your telephone system can go with you to work from home, alternative office, client’s premises etc.

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