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At Bean IT we have the skills and experience to advise you of what servers, operating systems and applications would best suit your businesses current and anticipated future requirements. We specialise in server installation and management and work with Microsoft and Windows server support. We analyse your business requirements to ensure that your small business server needs are met.

What are servers?

Servers are basically more powerful computers dedicated to performing specific tasks such as storing files, providing access to printers, sending and receiving email, providing access to a company intranet, and hosting many other business productivity solutions.

We assess your requirements and provide you with the best possible industry standard server based business solutions. We offer server services as part of our small business it support programme

When should I consider getting a server for my business and what are some of the advantages?

When a business reaches the point at which there are more than about five computers, this is usually the time to start considering purchasing a server. The installation of a server can help you centralise your businesses IT services. As well as providing a hub for all your IT processes the server would be able to host websites for both internet and intranet users.

The hardware in servers tends to be more robust and fault tolerant than the average PC, and is usually a lot more powerful too. Bean IT provide remote server services and support to ensure the smooth running of your operation.

Upgrading to a server helps your company manage and consolidate data so, should the unthinkable happen, consolidated data backup means disaster recovery has a higher chance of getting your important company data back.

Bean IT will assess your requirements and provide you with the best possible industry standard server.

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