From computer systems operating with vacuums contained in valves though to the creation of artifically intelligent computer systems analysing everything connected to the internet.

Computer systems by design are programmed to take a set of inputs and process them arithmetically or logically to generate an output. The term itself computer systems has multiple definitions. Computer systems can refer to a single computer and its components, a network of computers all linked together in an office or an operating system such as the Microsoft windows server that allows for simple interactivity with the computer’s hardware.

The Colossus was the world’s first electronic computer system. It was developed by code breakers during World War 2 to decrypt German transmissions. However the development of this computer system has always been top secret. The development of ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) computer system in America at the same time to create firing tables for the military led to the creation of IBM and the world’s first operating system FORTRAN.

Computer systems such as Colossus and ENIAC were capable of single tasks. Modern computer systems can perform multiple tasks in multiple locations simultaneously. It is considered that modern computer systems have evolved from the SAGE computer system developed by the USA during the cold war with Russia. Unlike these giants modern computer systems are compact light weight and extremely fast.

The internet itself can be considered a computer system. From its beginnings as ARPANET in the late nineteen sixties until its first real commercial use in the early nineties this computer system can now be found in nearly every household. The human race is now at the brink of creating artificially intelligent computer systems. It is estimated that by 2020 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet, creating the biggest computer system on the planet. Objects, animals and eventually even people will be connected to this computer system. It is theorised that one it could be used by an AI to compute the best course of action. Many computer specialists such as Bill Gates and scientists such as Stephen Hawking have reservations about these intelligent computer systems. Remember HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


The True Business Cost of CryptoLocker and other Malware

CryptoLocker has cost Business an Estimated $3M USD

CryptoLocker and other viruses often hit the headlines for the disaster they bring both to businesses and the individuals.  Although it is clear that being locked out of your computer is distressing and unpleasant it is only when you realise the far-reaching implications of Cryptolocker that you realise the extent of the damage and the problem. Read more

Business Server

Using a Business Server to Facilitate Business Expansion

As your business grows from a one or two person operation into a thriving entity, it makes sense to underpin business expansion with a robust business server.  This will ensure your IT operates well throughout the expansion process and beyond. Read more

Failed hard drive - manic monday!

Manic Monday: Failed hard drive

It’s Monday morning, you have an important meeting in the next few hours which was booked last minute therefore haven’t had time to plan.

You sit at your desk, poised to start your preparations. You start your computer and you hear a loud beeping sound as your computer crashes. All the data you require for your meeting is on the hard drive and there is no back up of these files. Your biggest concern is a failed hard drive which contains your crucial data. Read more

IT Maintenance Contract

Keep your Business Thriving with an IT Maintenance Contract

An IT maintenance contract is an agreement between your business and a supplier to perform necessary maintenance on your IT systems for a fixed monthly cost.  This has been proven to be more cost effective than fixing issues when they occur. Read more

VoIP utilisation for business and home offices

Get Agile. Get Clients. Get VoIP!

Never miss a Business Call again with Voice over Internet Protocol!

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol facilitates voice communications similar to an ordinary phone.  Skype is arguably the most famous VoIP system in the world.  Hosted systems, however, offer a range of features that allow you to take calls, providing you have an internet connection.  This includes taking calls on smartphones and mobile devices.  Providing you have a mobile network you can take VoIP calls while on the move. Read more

Office 365, Embrace it and Increase Business Agility

Embrace Office 365 and Increase Business Agility

Office 365 will considerably boost your Productivity

Microsoft’s Office 365 is its world-famous office suite of applications made for the mobile age.  Since its inception in mid-2013, it has been warmly received by industry, worldwide.  Embracing Office 365 will give you more flexibility, productivity, and give you the capability to complete work while travelling.  You will increase your business agility and with it, business profits.

Let’s take a look at its considerable benefits. Read more

Cryptolocker and Other Viruses Can Ruin Your Business

How Cryptolocker and Other Viruses Can Ruin your Business

Computer file encryption viruses such as Cryptolocker pose a very real threat to your business.  There are many varieties and when one of these viruses takes hold it can be very difficult to remove them.  One of the latest incarnations of viruses is known as ransomware.  Here you are locked out of your files or system until you pay a fee, often thousands of pounds.

With this in mind let’s talk about some of the more dangerous viruses that can heap misery on your business. Read more

Computer Systems - The Importance of Server Maintenance

The Importance of Server Maintenance

Every single computer in your office will run on a network, which is controlled by your server(s), which means you must maintain your server if you want your network and computers to run smoothly.

If you don’t maintain your server you can expect slow performing computers, outdated software causing problems to the day to day operation of the network, server crashes or even complete failures, all of which are a nightmare for a small business owner. Read more


Ransomware: What should I do now?

If your computer becomes infected with ransomware, this can be particularly vicious. If you haven’t got the correct strategies in place, can have devastating consequences. One of the most common questions we get asked about ransomware is, “What do I do now?” Read more

Cyber hackers - Anonymous hacker

10 simple ways to protecting yourself from cyber hackers

Often within our IT infrastructure, we manage our IT issues and frustrations with crisis management rather than a proactive approach. This is frequently the case with data backup and we are quick to find excuses as to why we aren’t taking the best precautions: I’ll do it later; I don’t have time now; it’s too expensive; it’s too difficult; … Read more