A computer system can be a collection of computers working as a single system or a single computers components functioning together. Bean IT offer a variety of different computer systems.

The Best Ways to Prevent Spam on your computer, laptop or tablet

The Best Ways to Prevent Spam on your computer, laptop or tablet

Ever since the dawn of email there have been spam emails that take up a large amount of email space. These nuances try to sell you a range of unwanted products and services. For most people receiving these emails, it can be very annoying as it populates their inbox with emails they don’t want to read. Fortunately for end users, there are spam filters to help prevent spam. Basic spam filters come with most web browser based email services. If you are using a separate email client you can use a third party spam filter. Read More About Our Server Services

Printer networking in your office

The benefits of printer networking in your office

Why would you consider sharing a printer?

There are many advantages to print networking and sharing – one of the most important ones is saving money. Businesses constantly monitor their costs and sharing printers can be an effective money saving. If your staff need to print off several documents then you will probably find it cheaper to purchase one large, good quality laser printer that serves the needs of your entire department. Read More About Our Server Services

USB Memory Stick

Is it alright to use a USB memory stick instead as our only form of backup?

We recommend you never use a USB memory stick as your only form of backup. Memory sticks are notoriously unreliable and often stop working with little reason. Their small size might make them convenient but this also works against them as it’s very easy for them to become damaged and anything stored on them to become corrupt. They are a great security risk as they can easily become lost or damaged and you may become accountable if it contained private information. Read More About Our Server Services

Network a Printer and Optimise Your Office Network

Network a Printer – Optimise Your Network

If you’re a small or large organisation with multiple computers connected together then you most likely have a network setup for these computers to communicate with each other. This means you can connect a printer to your network so that everyone in the office who is also connected to the network will have access to that printer. A communal printer is great way to reduce costs or the number of printers in your office. This is easy to setup and connect and is a perfect solution for small businesses who require one printer. Read More About Our Server Services

Bean IT remote working - Utilising HTTP requests to support a business

Remote working

Work life has become more flexible of late with more staff choosing to work from home rather than make the commute to the office each day. Although it may not work for those that lack motivation and who prefer the routine of daily life in the office, remote working is an appetising concept for the business man or woman. But is it for you?  Read More About Our Server Services

Laptop vs Desktop | Choosing a Computer for Your Office

Choosing a Computer: Laptop vs desktop

Whether you choose a laptop or a desktop largely depends on your requirements. Are you on the go, do you need to work from different locations, or are you office based? It also depends on what you need from your PC, to not only fit in with your lifestyle, but fit in with your line of work. If you need remote working and mobility then a laptop’s the answer. If you want performance and durability you should usually opt for a desktop. Read More About Our Server Services

PC Maintenance - 8 Steps to PC Performance Heaven - utilising memory sticks

8 steps to PC maintenance heaven

The vast majority of people pay very little attention to PC maintenance. As a result sooner or later their computers either slow down or simply crash with increasing regularity.

The fact is that you don’t need to be a computer expert to keep your machine operating at reasonable efficiency; you simply need to follow 8 simple steps:

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Computer Security - Beating the Bloggers and Hackers. Information technology services relating to Google and its web search

Computer Security – Beating the Blaggers and Hackers

How secure are your personal and business secrets and assets? According to the press, there are people who get paid thousands of pounds to hack computers and mobile phones. These hackers don’t mind if you’re a business or personal user, if you’ve got valuable information, they want it. Computer Security is therefore imperative to the survival of your business.

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Can Open Source Software Save You Money: Ubuntu LInux and Open Document vs Microsoft Office 365. Computer Viruses. IT Support Company

Can Open Source Software Save You Money

IT systems can often represent a material element of a business’s overhead budget. It is essential during tough economic times to keep costs under control. One solution that deserves further investigation is the use of open source software.

Open source solutions for server operating systems and desktop applications could save thousands of pounds per year in licensing costs. Free server operating systems such as the Cent OS Linux platform can potentially dispense with costly and confusing licensing systems completely and can, even on older hardware, run more efficiently than their Microsoft alternatives.
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Microsoft Surface, Google Chromebook – A Different Kind of Laptop With Windows 8

Google Chromebook – A Different Kind of Laptop

With the world going tablet crazy over the arrival of the Google Chromebook has gone somewhat unnoticed. Launched just over a year ago, Chromebook takes the form of a laptop computer running Google’s Chrome operating system (“OS”). However with a pre-Christmas advertising campaign the previously dormant Chromebook has shot to the top of the best sellers list. Amazon announced the latest Chromebook to be its best selling laptop in the US over the Christmas period and the second best seller in the UK.

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