Advice on what to use to backup company data

Backing up your data is crucial when you consider the risks of losing it. Many businesses after suffering a complete loss of data struggle to stay open after this. There are many ways to backup company data. Whatever the current financial situation of your business, you should always backup your data in some way.

What do you recommend we use to backup company data?

We highly recommend a NAS system with off-site replication. This has proven to be the safest backup system for many reasons. The NAS system has an initial setup cost but is then low cost to maintain. The amount of space it has can be adjusted and it can be backed up off site or on. We recommend however its backed up off site for extra precaution. NAS drives are always connected to you, assuming you have an internet connection, so your data is constantly being backed up. This removes the need for someone to manually backup data each day. If you need to take files to another location this is where a NAS system wouldn’t be as useful because it’s hard to move but simply having a balance of using NAS and removable storage would solve these issues.

Depending on your budget and amount of data you need to back up, the bigger the budget you have, the better the backup system you can implement. The cheapest form of backing up would be using a memory stick and manually copy files over to it. This is obviously a little time consuming but it does get the job done and for an incredibly low price. This does come with high risks however, as memory sticks are not robust and should not be relied on as backups.

Removable hard disks

The next realistic option is a removable hard drive. This is more sensible and long term than a memory stick and is used by many small businesses already. You still have to manually copy and paste the data you want backing up but hard drives are much more reliable than memory sticks at only a slightly higher cost. The small size of the drive makes it ideal for transporting off site.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is the newest option available and is proving to be very effective. You can automatically save all your data on the cloud and it’s backed up and stored off site. There are a variety of cost options available, according to your needs, making this a more attractive solution.

To discuss backing up your data in further detail, email or call 0121 667 8977.

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