The IGM ThinkPad brand was purchased by Lenovo in 2005

What happened to the IBM ThinkPad?

IBM are one of Americas largest corporations. The IBM thinkpad is one of the world’s reliable computers; used by NASA and on the International Space Station and by archeologists in Egypt. The IBM ThinkPad was renowned for its durability and reliability


The Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo are still manufacturing ThinkPads, expanding earlier innovations to keep this laptop at the forefront of the market. SInce their acquisition Lenovo have also introduced a ThinkPad tablet. ThinkPads are more robust and secure than conventional laptops. These attributes make them ideal for work based scenarios.

Multiple rounded squares of various densities floating around together. An open hand sits below.

Computer repair or replace?

Disaster strikes, that trusty laptop has stopped working, now what to do? You’ve seen all the TV advertisements with all latest all singing, all dancing laptops and you’re tempted, but would getting a computer repair make better economic sense?

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