Anonymous are a group of computer activists that via the process of DDOS promote their campaigns through the media. Anonymous hackers are an autonomous collective.

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A series of padlocks across the middle of the screen. The middle one is locked and in a more vibrant colour.

10 simple ways to protecting yourself from cyber hackers

Often within our IT infrastructure, we manage our IT issues and frustrations with crisis management rather than a proactive approach. This is frequently the case with data backup and we are quick to find excuses as to why we aren’t taking the best precautions: I’ll do it later; I don’t have time now; it’s too expensive; it’s too difficult; … Read more

A close up of an image on a computer screen displaying the text Virus Alert.

Centrally managed anti-virus products

We all have a reasonable understanding of what an antivirus product is and what it does. Few of us know what centrally managed anti-virus products are, and if this something to be considered as an alternative to downloadable retail programmes? Read more

A computer user connecting a USB stick to the side of their laptop.

Safe use of memory sticks

Memory sticks are extremely useful, you can take them wherever you go and use them on whichever PC or laptop you happen to be using. It’s win -win all the way, until you lose it or it breaks!

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A computer user sat at a desk with one hand on a mouse another on the keyboard.

Computer Security – Beating the Blaggers and Hackers

How secure are your personal and business secrets and assets? According to the press, there are people who get paid thousands of pounds to hack computers and mobile phones. These hackers don’t mind if you’re a business or personal user, if you’ve got valuable information, they want it. Computer Security is therefore imperative to the survival of your business.

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