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Reduce your IT charges by utilising remote support

IT support companies use remote support daily to assist their clients. It has been found to be a very efficient and economical means to keep businesses working. If staff are having difficulty with their computer or using a particular program, support staff can connect remotely to assist. Remote support is charged at a lower rate and in 15 minute intervals.

Remote support removes the cost and time required for travel. The engineer is able to remotely log into the machine, diagnose and fix problems from their own office. Naturally these costs are substantially less than support on site.

How does the engineer remotely log into my computer?

If you aren’t already on a Remote Support contract where a third party software is running on your computer already; the engineer will ask you to either install a piece of software or log into a website. Once the software is installed, the engineer will access your computer via your internet connection and take control of your computer. They are able to see everything on your computer just as if they were there. The process is very simple and has been used for a number of years. During this process the engineer can take control of your mouse and keyboard to accurately control the machine to fix the issue you’re having.

How does remote support save my organisation money?

The first and most obvious is that connecting remotely to resolve the issue is a lot less time consuming than the engineer attending site. This fast response time means the issue is likely to resolve sooner. This benefits both of you and you essentially pay for ‘keyboard time’ only. In some instances, remote support can take place after hours thereby alleviating any disruption to your business.

Are there any disadvantages to remote assistance?

Remote support addresses software problems, however if you have a hardware issue, the engineer would need to attend site. However, if the engineer has already gained remote access they are likely to have a better idea on the issue, enabling them to repair the computer quicker.

As the remote software requires an internet connection, if your problem is with your connection to the internet, the engineer won’t be able to connect to your computer remotely.

Allowing installed software on your computer to take control of it from a remote location sounds scary but, as long as you use a trusted business to manage your remote support this should remove any risk.

To discuss how remote support can benefit your business, email: info@beanit.co.uk or call 0121 667 8977.

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