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Small Business Computer Support

If you currently have 5-250 users in your organisation, you will be classified as a small business. That’s quite a vast variation therefore ensuring you have the right small business computer support for your organisation is essential to make sure you scale your business effectively.

One size fits all…?

Your business is unique and what makes you unique is your unique offering. We don’t think generalisations are always that helpful so making sure your needs are heard is essential to make sure you have a solution that grows with your expansion ideas.

This may suggest a simple networking structure that can be expanded upon, or perhaps software suggestions that have scalable licensing options.

Thinking outside the box and towards your wider business needs

Leaning on the expertise of your IT company is essential as they may have suggestions you weren’t aware of. After all, you are paying for them to be the experts! Your small business computer support may include suggestions such as: VoIP telephones, cloud based PCs and servers, SSL certification for secure remote PC access, VPN secure remote networking, AI based anti-spam and anti-virus, and a host of other IT services.

Ongoing maintenance

Whether you have one computer for your business or multiple devices, maintaining your devices is essential. Your small business computer support company should be able to recommend a suitable maintenance solution that is both manageable and within budget. Whether it’s ad-hoc assistance with your IT support as and when you need, to a completely remote approach to the maintenance of your devices, it’s essential you discuss your requirements to find a solution that will best work with your business requirements.

To discuss your small business computer support requirements, email us at info@beanit.co.uk, or give us a call on 0121 667 8977 and a member of our team will be more than happy to have a no obligation chat through your requirements.

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