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The importance of business back up in your day to day operations

If you mention back up for business use to anyone, or look it up on a search engine, you may be bombarded by a variety of different methods. If you’re a novice when it comes to cloud storage, or in fact any kind of backup storage then you’ve got a lot to learn. Whatever you decide, as long as you conduct a business back up of your files and you have a good understanding of why it’s so integral to your business, you’ve made the right move.

Why is business back up important?

If you do not back up your data by saving it somewhere else offsite or online your information at serious risk. Should you suffer a power cut, if your computer is damaged physically or by a virus, then everything, including your files are destroyed – permanently. If you save your data to a location online rather than your PC, you can potentially access it from another PC. Off-site is on a different site to where your business is located.

Using a reliable back-up service can offer you the kind of protection that will keep your information safe, regardless of what happens to your pc at work or at home. Naturally, business information is important whether you’re self-employed or manage a large company.

Offsite backup

As we’ve seen offsite backup is using a storage media that is away from your place of work. This is particularly good if your business is affected by floods or fire, something that could cause significant damage.

Online back up 

Your information is backed up online and connected to your PC via your network. This type of storage facility is stored offsite accessed via an internet connection. This

can be offered as a subscription service to potential customers. All the information that needs to be backed up can be sent safely over the internet.

What is the cloud?

We’re not talking cumulus clouds here we’re talking storage, storage and backup of your most important files.

Cloud storage is something that could be described as online backup. The information backed up is stored on a storage server connected to your pc via an internet connection. Your information can be accessed via any computer with a connection to the internet. Because it’s accessible in this way it’s referred to as a ‘cloud.’

Its advantages are impressive as it offers the same protection from natural disasters that could disable your business from functioning. You can easily access you files from anywhere and from any pc as long as you have an internet connection. It can’t fail from one point because it has multiple connections so it’s safe. It’s secure and well protected too as long as you subscribe to a good data centre.

Disadvantages are that it can be expensive and it can take a while to backup and restore.

Make sure you backup

Whichever method you decide on to back up should be whatever serves your business best. However, the important message is that whichever method you go for, you make certain you do back up your files. If you’re running a business and disaster strikes it could spell the end of your business and all your important business information. Don’t let that happen to you! If you’re unsure, get in touch with BeanIT who can advise on the best method for your requirements.