On a wooden table there is an cup of coffee in a saucer. Next to this a small tablet on a portable stand.

Remote working

Work life has become more flexible of late with more staff choosing to work from home rather than make the commute to the office each day. Although it may not work for those that lack motivation and who prefer the routine of daily life in the office, remote working is an appetising concept for the business man or woman. But is it for you? 

Remote working – is it the answer?  

Remote working can be less costly as your wardrobe will be far less sophisticated if you’re working from home. No power dressing required, also the cost of coffees and lunches to work are no longer a drain on your purse. You can work at your own pace and you don’t have to commute to work each day. The obvious advantages with this are that you’re no longer paying transport costs, or battling your way through early morning and teatime traffic.

Sick days can be costly to both you and your employers, but if you work from home you can continue to keep on top of emails and current projects remotely.


Technology has made the concept of remote working a real possibility rather than a dream only a few can afford to consider.  Smart phone technology and tablets have brought the office into our home. Some may not see this as a good thing, but for those looking for more flexibility it’s an invaluable solution. Emails can be accessed via a smart phone so nothing gets past you regardless of wherever you are. 4G provides the speed to connect with work colleagues both here and abroad easily and efficiently. 4G is also available in many other countries too, so wherever you are, you have the power to deliver on all pressing tasks. Videos, images and sophisticated documents can be uploaded and sent much faster than 3G.

Remote working: easier and more enjoyable 

Tablets and notebooks make working remotely less cumbersome too. If you’re on a train or on a plane, you can easily keep up with work without having to straddle a heavy laptop on your knees while trying not irritate the person sitting next to you.

With the provisions of online storage you also have the benefit of being able to access any documents from any pc, anywhere in the world.

Is remote working not for you? 

Remote working may not be for everyone. It can be mean working a longer week and never really being able to provide a dividing line between work and home life. Some may always prefer what the office has to offer with regular hours and an official end to the working day.

Flexible work, flexible lives

However, for those looking for flexible working hours and time out of the office away from office politics, remote working offers many benefits. Many will be thankful of the technological progress that has made this possible. We have the technology, technology that is improving and evolving constantly to provide us with the means to communicate globally like never before. Tablets, smartphones, netbooks and 4G make remote working seem almost a doddle. Learn to multitask effectively and you could make your working life more bearable by working remotely.