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We strongly believe in building good relationships with companies who can provide our client base the best service. Bean IT is affiliated with several leading providers, including but not limited to:


The biggest web host in the world. From email to web hosting, we have a good working relationship with 1&1 to get your business up and running.


We are a silver AVG reseller. AVG is one of the world leaders in anti-virus protection which is why we have chosen to affiliate with them and offer you suitable anti virus protection for your computer/s

Laptop Repair Specialist

specialists in laptop repairs.

Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse

Allan Bean and Ronelle Bean are Utility Warehouse Authorised Distributors. From gas and electric to phones and internet, give Allan or Ronelle a call to see if you could save money, call 0121 667 8977
Babble Voice Bean IT resellers


VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephony solutions. We are affiliated with babblevoice who offer a great VOIP solution for your home or business. VOIP is a great solution if you require your phones to call at different offices at the same time, looking to lower your phone bill or simply don’t want a phone line installed. Learn more about Babblevoice in this pdf download

We also have affiliations with many other local businesses

To discuss any of the above affiliations, please email or call us on 0121 667 8977

Call Bean IT today on 0121 667 8977 or email for advice on computer systems for your business