A close up of a computers motherboard showing the resistors and capcitors

IT Birmingham: Computer Upgrades – Is now the time?

Taking the decision to upgrade your computer system is always a difficult one. Most business owners are quite rightly focussed on whether or not an upgrade will be a valid business investment. At the other end of the scale, money that might have been better spent elsewhere. Even setting aside the current economic climate, computer upgrades can be a very tortuous process.

The facts are that ageing computer systems often become increasingly expensive to support. In terms of man hours (due to less efficient operating speeds) and potentially escalating maintenance costs, computer upgrades are de-prioritised.

Elderly operating systems may not support the latest software meaning your business could be missing out on cutting edge tools that could be essential in the drive to firstly keep up with competitors and secondly to satisfy the increasing demands of your existing client base. In particular, these tend to be the new tools that will enable your business to work smarter rather than just harder.

Computer upgrades for hardware and software

Businesses using Windows XP, need to be aware that Microsoft no longer supports it. A major consequence of Microsoft’s decision to stop supporting XP is with company computer systems. Computers have become vulnerable to attack from computer hackers who delight in exploiting the security loopholes that result from the lack of security fixes and/or updates.

We are here to help you quickly establish which hardware items need upgrading. We can advise which hardware needs replacing, thus helping your business gain greater efficiencies at the best possible price.

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