A hard drive ejected from the back of a server rack.

Manic Monday: Failed hard drive

It’s Monday morning, you have an important meeting in the next few hours which was booked last minute therefore haven’t had time to plan.

You sit at your desk, poised to start your preparations. You start your computer and you hear a loud beeping sound as your computer crashes. All the data you require for your meeting is on the hard drive and there is no back up of these files. Your biggest concern is a failed hard drive which contains your crucial data.

Accessing time critical data from a failed hard drive

If you don’t have IT support in place, you may call a local company who might be able to retrieve your data, at best, by the end of the day and hand you a healthy sized bill.

Bean IT have years of experience in data recovery. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin running our software to restore your data. Depending on the size of your data, you may be able to drop off your laptop or computer and we can supply the data within a few hours. If you don’t have another laptop while your main computer or laptop is down, we are able to rent equipment to you, to see you through while we repair your machine.

Ideally we’d catch the problem before it begins.

Forward planning

We strongly advise you set up a regular back up of your data.

For the best data backup and recovery, we recommend utilising NAS drives. NAS drives have two hard drives within their casing meaning should one drive fail, there is a backup immediately available. NAS drives communicate with each other very easily which means Bean IT can offer you an offsite backup solution. Should you face the prospect of a theft, failed hard drive, fire or simply the device is dropped, your data is still safely stored offsite within our offices.

With a NAS system in place, should you turn up to work on Monday morning and your laptop or computer has crashed, provided you have the correct back up in place, you can log onto another computer, laptop or tablet and access your files where you left off.

Ongoing maintenance

Despite the best will in the world, anything can happen at any time. Bean IT offer monthly maintenance packages which monitor the health of your computer. We will install a small piece of software and if and when the dreadful should happen, we will receive a message and can act upon it either remotely or onsite. If there’s a relatively small issue, we can repair the issue remotely thereby causing minimal disruption to your day and infrastructure.

To discuss the best data backup solution for you or your organisation, give Bean IT a call on 0121 667 8977 or email info@beanit.co.uk

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