The back of a server rack showing all the different ports and cables.

Using a Business Server to Facilitate Business Expansion

As your business grows from a one or two person operation into a thriving entity, it makes sense to underpin business expansion with a robust business server.  This will ensure your IT operates well throughout the expansion process and beyond.

Servers are much like an ordinary desktop computer but designed to be more powerful and robust. They can facilitate essential business aspects such as email handling, data storage and backups, security, and website internet/intranet hosting.  As everything is in one place your system is easier to service and maintain, and you avoid data issues that may occur if all your staff are using independent PCs.

If you have five users or more relying on your IT system, implementing a good server solution will make your business more dynamic and agile.

Benefits of a Business Server

As well as what we have outlined above, business servers bring other far reaching benefits.  Consider:

Servers Expand with your Business

A good server is an expandable server and with a little planning and consultation with a good supplier, you can to some degree future proof your IT.  A good system will facilitate handling many more users than you need at the moment, including necessary data storage.  This means that as your business expands you will be prepared for it and ready to do business faster.

Protecting your Data and your Time

One key advantage to introducing a server to an expanding business is that you mitigate data risks.  Losing data from an independent PC can be catastrophic for a business, especially if the data was mission critical.  Repair and replacement times and lost productivity eat into profits.  A server running automated backups can have systems back up and running in hours rather than days.  They provide security and peace of mind, as well as the agility to recover from data loss faster.

Cheaper Infrastructure Costs

There are several cost advantages to operating a business server.  Here’s a snapshot:

  • More secure IT environment: With a business server in place, the security of your IT systems is managed from the server to ensure that only authorised personnel can access company data. Access to sensitive data can be further restricted.
  • Cheaper maintenance costs: With a business server in place, applications are stored on it and accessed by your individual PCs as and when needed. This includes maintenance tools and apps which enables your administrators or maintenance contract providers to maintain your entire system easier.
  • Maintenance outside of business hours: With a business server in place many tasks can be automated so they run outside of business hours. This not only protects your profit margins and productivity, but ensures the maintenance tasks are done, adding longevity to your system.

Make your Business more Agile

Servers allow you to access the system remotely, providing you have an internet connection.  This allows you and your teams to work securely from any location, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.  This feature also allows for better collaboration between teams, no matter where they are in the world.

Depending on the nature of your industry this aspect will make you a more competitive business.

Expand your Business with a Server

To get started with a business server, call us today on 0121 667 8977 or email  and talk to us about your requirements.  We can go through and help you decide the best server solution to make your business more fluid and agile.

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