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Keep your Business Thriving with an IT Maintenance Contract

An IT maintenance contract is an agreement between your business and a supplier to perform necessary maintenance on your IT systems for a fixed monthly cost.  This has been proven to be more cost effective than fixing issues when they occur.

IT Maintenance Contract Benefits

Even if IT is not a supporting role in your business it makes sense to ensure it is running smoothly with an IT maintenance contract. Once in place, it ensures your business is ready to do business. They have far reaching benefits that you may not have considered:


In today’s competitive world downtime has considerable costs and impacts profit margins. With a maintenance contract, you can rest assured that downtime will be considerably reduced. The better solutions take a proactive approach to delivering IT maintenance, and should an issue occur, the system will alert your maintenance contract provider. At that point they take action and your system stays online allowing you to keep doing business.

As well as responding to alarms, server and other system maintenance tasks are performed routinely to ensure that no nasty malware or viruses are waiting to sabotage your operation.


It is not just your productivity and profits that reduce if you lose time due to IT downtime.  If you can’t deliver, your business reputation plummets.  Whether you have customers or clients, they are relying on you to provide, especially if you work to deadlines. This is compounded if contracts with your clients are subject to fines and penalties should you lose step with delivery. Given this scenario, IT maintenance contracts become even more important in allowing you to deliver to the standards expected and your clients and customers deserve.

Avoiding Staff Frustration

As well as keeping your productivity levels high, well performing IT systems keep your staff happier. It is difficult for anyone to do a good job when the IT systems are letting them down. Whether they are trying to find customer details or taking a payment, to calibrating a piece of equipment, it is only when your systems are in place and performing can your staff deliver a good performance.

Cost Savings

In almost every industry planned preventative maintenance is a more cost effective solution to taking action when things go wrong. IT is no different and as we have seen makes your business more productive and profitable.

Depending on the nature of your business you may have shareholders to satisfy; be under considerable pressure to deliver; and the last thing you need is your system failing at a crucial time. Regular IT maintenance is the best way to prevent catastrophe.

Through implementing a maintenance contract, you are not only protecting the business, you also demonstrate further diligence through delivering a tangible cost saving.

Avoiding Disaster Peace of Mind

With a proactive maintenance contract in place you and your senior management team have one less factor to worry about. You and your teams are freer to concentrate on delivering a first class service to your clients and customers, knowing that your IT is well supported.

Get Started with an IT Maintenance Contract

To keep your business moving with a proactive IT maintenance contract, talk to us today. We will discuss your requirements, explain how we do things, and how your business can benefit from our expertise, our experience, and our passion to keep your system online 24/7.

Call 0121 667 8977 or email info@beanit.co.uk now.

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