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Shared Hosting

You may have heard about the term ‘Shared Hosting’ but you’re perhaps not sure if it is a viable option for your business, or maybe you have not had the opportunity to consider the pros and cons of shared hosting.

What is shared web hosting?

Shared website hosting is the most affordable form of website hosting. This is because it is the most basic web hosting option available and uses shared resources.

Website hosting companies have servers on which all website data is stored. In essence, your website would be sharing server space and resources with other websites.

To put it simply, it’s like renting a room in a house. If there are multiple occupants, the rent costs are cheaper as everyone splits the bill. This means that a shared hosting plan is a great option for those just starting out with a new website as it can be a very practical and affordable way of getting started.

Pros of shared hosting

If you’re a small business, shared hosting is a great way to start without having to worry about maintenance, technical setup and high costs. You can simply focus on your website.

Cons of shared hosting

If we go back to renting terms, shared hosting also means you’ll be sharing the bathrooms and living spaces, so if someone has a party, then you won’t be able to host that peaceful yoga session in your room.

Because you are sharing a server, whatever happens on that server can also affect your website, so if another website has a lot of traffic for example, it can slow down your site.

Should I get shared hosting for my site?

If you are getting between 0 and 20,000 page views a month, then shared hosting is a great way to keep hosting costs and complications down, allowing you to focus on generating more website traffic. 

When you are starting a website, shared hosting can be an affordable option and one of the best ways to enter the website world without having to invest more than necessary. If you’re starting a new website, shared hosting may be the best solution for your needs at that time. As your needs change and your business develops and grows, you can look to upgrade to dedicated hosting for your site. 

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