Server Support Services

Server Support Services

If you run a small business you likely have a server that controls things like email, printers and databases. It is important that you have server support support systems in place to monitor and ensure your business runs smoothly.

Unfortunately, it is likely you will eventually run into problems. For example, a software package will need updating or a backup will forget to run or something similar. You may experience minor issues where technology is involved, but how you respond to them and resolve them is what counts.

For most small businesses it is easier to outsource your server support to a third party. It’s not normally viable for a small business to hire an employee for this task because the workload will vary.

What to Look For In a Server Support Services Company

Not all server support services are created equal. Some may look professional and knowledgeable on the outside but in reality they lack the skills and talent to get the job done.

Make sure the company you are considering can cover the following:

  • Software and application updates. This is an ongoing process because software and applications are constantly being updated and improved.
  • Rollback ability. If a new upgrade has taken place but there is an error or malfunction; can you easily roll back to the previous version? If your support company can’t rollback to previous versions you will be stuck using a broken system; which can cost a small business time and money.
  • Testing procedures. If your servers undergo a major upgrade or are being replaced entirely, your support company must be able to test the entire system before it rolls out to avoid any problems or failures down the road.
  • Monitoring and Alerts. Most, if not all, server support companies will offer some kind of monitoring and alert service. Monitoring should take place 24/7 and must alert key people of any problems so they can be resolved as soon as possible.
  • Joining and Leaving Procedures. If you have people leaving the business it is important that their information and data is securely archived. Equally, for anyone joining the business it is important they can access the relevant networks and they have the correct security permissions.
  • Incident Management. All incidents must be reported, solved and archived so that if it arises again you know exactly how to resolve it.

Location Location Location

Another point to consider is their location. Server support services such as the ones listed above are normally carried out in house, which means someone will visit your business premises to carry out their work.

Ideally, you want to hire a company that is close by. The last thing you want is to wait 24 hours for an engineer to arrive because they are located one hundred miles away.

Bean IT offers a comprehensive server support service that covers all of the above and more. We have a professional, reliable team of engineers ready and waiting to provide the best server support possible.

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