Two men in shirts and ties sat a desk working with their laptops

Choosing a Computer: Laptop vs desktop

Whether you choose a laptop or a desktop largely depends on your requirements. Are you on the go, do you need to work from different locations, or are you office based? It also depends on what you need from your PC, to not only fit in with your lifestyle, but fit in with your line of work. If you need remote working and mobility then a laptop’s the answer. If you want performance and durability you should usually opt for a desktop.

With modern equipment, performance and durability can come from a laptop or a desktop. Modern laptops can be of a high specification which means that their life expectancy is far longer than it would have once been.

If you want excellent quality visual display with theatre viewing then choose a desktop, this is probably also the best choice for graphic designers and engineers.

Which one? Choosing a computer or laptop.

Impressive advances in battery life and processor speeds have vastly improved the lifetime of a laptop. Thanks to Windows 8 and Windows 10, the use of touchscreen technology makes a laptop even easier to work with. There are a variety of screen displays that allow for side by side or stacked screens so multitasking is far easier.

Less clutter 

A PC still has its advantages with large screens available that can be wall mounted like a TV. It gives families more space and the convenience of a PC that can be used as a cinema for films, or used for online gaming.

If you don’t intend taking your PC anywhere other than your office or living room, then a desktop might be a better option. Graphics are clearly more sophisticated on a desktop, especially if you’re creating graphics or you’re an online gamer.

A desktop PC can be customised to your requirements, which is something you can’t really do with a laptop.

A laptop offers a smooth transition from work to play, with the two easily combined because of the portability. The laptop goes wherever you go and that’s a distinct advantage.

Taste and preference

At the end of the day the choice of desktop v laptop is a matter of personal taste and practicality. Both are far more sophisticated than they once were, giving consumers more choice and more for their money. Pick a computer for what you need it for, choose it carefully and choose wisely. The desktop still has a role to play in people’s lives. Although laptops outsell the desktop by a mile, they both provide a different set of services for the owner. Laptop vs desktop – the choice is yours.