IT Services: Computer Maintenance & Data Recovery – Is It Time for a Spring Clean? Consider Computer Upgrades

Data Recovery? Leave it to the Experts…

In a busy world, distractions are frequent and accidents inevitably happen. From accidentally deleting a file to a stolen mobile phone or laptop, have you prepared your data should the worst happen? It is important to have a back up in place should you experience data loss or theft. Bean IT’s data recovery service can help get you or your business up and running again in no time.

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Can Open Source Software Save You Money: Ubuntu LInux and Open Document vs Microsoft Office 365. Computer Viruses. IT Support Company

Can Open Source Software Save You Money

IT systems can often represent a material element of a business’s overhead budget. It is essential during tough economic times to keep costs under control. One solution that deserves further investigation is the use of open source software.

Open source solutions for server operating systems and desktop applications could save thousands of pounds per year in licensing costs. Free server operating systems such as the Cent OS Linux platform can potentially dispense with costly and confusing licensing systems completely and can, even on older hardware, run more efficiently than their Microsoft alternatives.
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