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It’s important in business to remain in communication, if you regularly find yourself using the telephone to call different offices then VoIP might be the perfect option to reduce costs for your organisation. This system is already widely used in businesses as it’s proven to be a great option with little to no disadvantages. We have created a quick video to tell you more about VoIP phones:

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How exactly does VOIP work? 

Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) is a telephony technology that operates over the Internet to transfer data between recipients. When using VoIP you’re essentially talking over the internet, this allows you to be able to use VOIP anywhere that there’s an internet connection for a very low cost. If you have ever used Skype or FaceTime, you will have used a cousin to VoIP.

A special type of phone, called a VoIP phone, is required for this system. These phones are relatively inexpensive, and there is a wide variety available.

Some advantages of using VoIP 

You are no longer tied to one location for your telephone system; you and your colleagues can work from home, from an office, from clients’ premises; or even on the move as long as there is an internet connection.

  1. VoIP gives all of the advanced features of an enterprise class telephone exchange at no cost.
  2. Most computers and smart phones can behave as telephone extensions so calls can be transferred to mobiles for free, provided the mobile has a good internet connection.
  3. Another company can answer calls on behalf of your company, simply by connecting a VoIP phone to the Internet.
  4. A VoIP phone can be connected to an Internet router at home to receive and make calls on the company number, and transfer calls to and from other company phones – even between sites.
  5. Phone numbers can have any area code to suit the company; e.g. a company based in Birmingham could have a London phone number if they want to appear to have a London presence. Existing phone numbers can also be transferred to a VoIP system.
  6. VoIP systems are almost infinitely expandable.
  7. VoIP systems are very cost effective as there is no massive outlay for a telephone system. The only items of equipment you usually need to purchase are the VoIP handsets. Sometimes your Internet router may need to be replaced if it is not a compatible model. If you do not have sufficient network ports, you may need to install more ports and you may need to purchase an additional network switch. However, none of these components are expensive.
  8. One of the most significant benefits of using VoIP technology is the vast cost savings with telephone numbers being rented for just £3 for one and bulk purchasing of numbers being even more economical, for example £10 for 5 numbers or £15 for 10 phone numbers. Furthermore, call charges are substantially lower at under 1p a minute for National calls. Outgoing calls are metered per second so a call of one minute and 5 seconds does not cost you 2 minutes like many other telephone service providers.

Are there any disadvantages of using VOIP telephones?

Using VoIP is known to be very reliable but there are a few things you should consider.

1. It is reliant on the power of the building as opposed to phantom power like a traditional phone line. This means if you lose power in the building you will be unable to use the VoIP phones.  Installing a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to keep the power to the system going will alleviate this concern.

2. A reasonably good internet connection is required for VoIP phones. To maintain call quality, a dedicated connection is preferred, unless the existing connection is not subject to heavy use. We recommend that your VoIP system have its own internet feed. Leased lines have become significantly more affordable and this may be an option for larger clients. The savings from using VoIP far outweigh the cost of the leased line in most instances.

If you would like to find out more about the use and implementation of VoIP telephones, we’d be delighted to chat to you in further detail. Call us on 0121 667 8977 or email

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