The benefits of printer networking in your office

A woman at her office desk utilizing a printer.

Why would you consider sharing a printer?

There are many advantages to print networking and sharing – one of the most important ones is saving money. Businesses constantly monitor their costs and sharing printers can be an effective money saving. If your staff need to print off several documents then you will probably find it cheaper to purchase one large, good quality laser printer that serves the needs of your entire department.

Cost effective

A printer per person generally isn’t cost effective as each one needs maintaining and replacing once they break down. Furthermore, print cartridges vary from printer to printer and an ink cartridge works out to be considerably more expensive per page printed than a laser printer.

Sharing a printer makes it  available to all those working from the same network. You can also have control over who has access to print. Sophisticated network printers can be accessed remotely and permissions set to allow Black only printing. In addition, setting the print settings on all users to be double sided print can save a lot of money on paper, providing the printer has an automatic feed to print on both sides.

Printer networking reduces the overall amount of system administration. In addition, the maintenance is going to be a lot cheaper and more streamlined with only one to worry about.

Spend more on one good quality, robust printer

Of course for a printer that’s going to be used by multiple users, it’s going to have to be a good quality product. A low cost printer may be less reliable and often the cartridges cost more. In the long run, this is not going to save money and will turn out to be a false economy. The expense incurred by purchasing a better quality printer is soon offset by these savings. If you run a business which has more than one PC, then shared printers are highly recommended.

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