Laptop Performance

Utilising maintenance to improve laptop performance

laAnnual servicing of your computer is important to maintain optimum performance. During a service we undertake both a physical and a software clean up of your computer to assist it to run smoothly and reliably. If your computer is starting to show signs of slowing down there are a few tools and methods you can use to improve the performance of your PC. For example, running virus scans, removing spyware/adware and clearing up hard disk space.  Read more

Why should I consider getting a server - Linux or Windows

Why should I consider a server for my business or home office?

What is a server? 

A server is commonly a dedicated computer, offering centralised services to the network. The server receives requests from the client PCs e.g. your or your colleague’s computer, and serves the request back to the requesting computer.   Read more

Network a Printer and Optimise Your Office Network

Network a Printer – Optimise Your Network

If you’re a small or large organisation with multiple computers connected together then you most likely have a network setup for these computers to communicate with each other. This means you can connect a printer to your network so that everyone in the office who is also connected to the network will have access to that printer. A communal printer is great way to reduce costs or the number of printers in your office. This is easy to setup and connect and is a perfect solution for small businesses who require one printer. Read more