Emailing From Your Phone

Emailing from your phone

Does emailing from your phone seem like madness? Or is it second nature, something that you’ve been well aware of for some time? Emailing from your phone may not be something some of you are accustomed to. It is a quick and convenient way of keeping in touch with business clients when you’re away from the office. Read more

Laptop vs Desktop | Choosing a Computer for Your Office

Choosing a Computer: Laptop vs desktop

Whether you choose a laptop or a desktop largely depends on your requirements. Are you on the go, do you need to work from different locations, or are you office based? It also depends on what you need from your PC, to not only fit in with your lifestyle, but fit in with your line of work. If you need remote working and mobility then a laptop’s the answer. If you want performance and durability you should usually opt for a desktop. Read more